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NSK State Reserve New York and IRWIN, NSK State Pavilion – 57th Venice Biennale, Zero Principal Bond, courtesy NSK State Reserve, 2017

By purchasing this NSK State Reserve bond you will participate in and help finance the NSK State-in-Time Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale.

This bond was produced specifically for this extraordinary event in a collaboration between IRWIN group and the NSK State Reserve New York.


This Temporary, Zero-Principal Bond, issued on May 1st 2017 in support of the NSK State Pavilion – 57th Venice Biennale 2017, entitles the bearer to payments from all public NSK State Reserve currency disbursements until the maturity date of 1 May 2018. Upon reaching maturity, zero principal will be paid and all contingent payments will cease, and this Bond shall expire. This Tier 1 Zero Principal Bond is issued pursuant to the operation of the NSK State Reserve referred to hereon, and is not subject to call for redemption outside of the Time period established. Payment shall be made through the address or agent of record, as witnessed at time of issue, in NSK State Fiats. All the elements of this obligation will be met exclusively and specifically as stated within the borders of the NSK State and Nigeria. Any and all elements of this agreement may be declared NULL and VOID, at any time, by the Principals of the NSK State Reserve. This Bond is backed up by the full reputation and trustworthiness of the NSK State Reserve and the Organizing Committee of NSKNY.


Ownership of this certificate does not entitle the bearer to NSK State currency disbursements occurring Prior to their ownership. This certificate is non-transferable, non-interest bearing, and does not constitute ownership or stock of any sort. It is non-toxic. It is neither redeemable in gold, nor any commodity such as is traded at Present. It is not backed by the United States government, nor the state of New York, nor the city of New York, nor is the NSK State Reserve part of the reserve banking system of the United States, the European Union, or Yugoslavia. The obligations of this Bond are not backed by debenture, physical assets, or collateral. No portion of the proceeds from this Bond will be used for humanitarian purposes.

Undersigned, the Principals of the NSK State Reserve