NSK State Art Field Research

The research project will be focused to establish a historical archive and map the existing artistic practices within the NSK “world”. Through the gathered information
 it will be possible to map an overview of different forms and currents of art production existing in the NSK state in time and beyond itself. We shall be able to see how these artistic modes are structured, identify, if there are any prevailing ones, which are they and why. Using the example of NSK state as a case study, the researchers will also be able to engage with the question of the most relevant categorization of contemporary art practices today. We will be also able to better understand the nature of the relationship between art and politics, but also that social transformation can emerge from art and how otherwise disconnected people elect to come together for a sense of belonging and post-national citizenship.

NSK State Art: New York, The Impossible Return

NSK State Art: New York, The Impossible Return is the first United States presentation of the long-term NSK State Art Project, which was originally initiated by the IRWIN group. The project also presents the Retrogarde Reading Room for the first time in New York. Compiled by Christian Matzke it includes books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s related to the phenomenon of Neue Slowenische Kunst. The exhibition is curated by Katherine Carl and Tevž Logar and presented in collaboration with the NSK State Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale 2017,  and with NSK’s New York Consulate, e-flux, New York. With the participation of Marina Abramović / Ulay, Yael Bartana, Danica Dakić, Pablo Helguera, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Alban Muja, Nebojša Šerić-Shoba, Mladen Stilinović.

Duration: Wednesday 8 February – Saturday 25 March 2017
Venue: The James Gallery. The Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York

Download the booklet of the exhibition in PDF here.

Link to the event: www.centerforthehumanities.org