The NSK Passport

Anybody can become a bearer of an NSK Passport and acquire the status of an NSK citizen. In its founding statements, the NSK State rejects the categories of (defined) territory and the principle of national borders and advocates the law of transnationality.

The holder of an NSK Passport becomes a citizen of NSK. The passport holder’s data are recorded in the NSK citizenship register.

The passport is numbered and non-transferable; it is valid until cancelled, but it may be renewed. By signing the statement in the application form, the passport holder pledges to support the integrity of the NSK State to the best of his or her ability. The Passport may not be used for criminal, ideological, religious, or political purposes, or for any purposes that are in conflict with the aims of NSK or that would jeopardise the reputation and good name of NSK. Citizenship ceases upon the expiration, return or confiscation of the passport.

The NSK passport is a subversive document and of unique value. At NSK events and similar campaigns, the passport holder is invited to record the pertinent data and to present the passport for stamps, signatures, etc. In this respect, the applicability of the passport is unlimited and subject to the responsibility of the passport holder.

How to get an NSK State Passport?

A temporary NSK Passport Office will be placed inside the NSK State Pavilion. Asylum seekers will guide visitors and potential new citizens through the exhibition and talk about their experiences of migration and their lives in Europe. The office will issue NSK Passports to all applicants engaging in these dialogues.


NSK, NSK Passports, courtesy NSK, 2017